Having been born to a teenage mother who was abruptly faced with the burden of mental, emotional, physical and economic disparities of child rearing; defeat was never an option and she accepted both the blessing and hardships of being a teen mother. She was determined against all odds, in the most crucial time in her life to devote herself to an internal principal of excellence.  With strong support from her village, she was determined to build her blueprint by branding her life’s work through her babies and ending the cycle of poverty two generations at a time. That brand is now a vision being actualized under the umbrella of TWICE as it was conceived in 1981, birthed in 1997 but delivered in 2020. I am the result of a Teen Mother Walking In Committed Excellence and it has inspired me to dedicate the last twenty years to addressing adolescent teen trauma and pregnancy. 

- Amber Brown

Founder/Executive Director


The TWICE Board of Directors is comprised of community members that are passionate about transformative programs and progressive approaches to change the trajectory of the lives of teen mothers and vulnerable youth. Meet our team and learn what drives their passion.

Lori Lewis


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