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The implications of overturning Roe vs Wade disproportionately impact teen women of color and has affected the physical and psychological health of young ladies and families.  Given the heightened circumstances, the need for specialized responsive care has never been more critical.  After a successful launch last year we are continuing our project TEAM UP WITH TWICE, the TWICE TAKEOVER as an annual initiative.  The success of the project proved to be effective but exposed a greater need that cannot be captured in one year. The anticipated date of this program launch would be November 1, 2023 with the target audience being teens ages 10-25. The project will partner annually with various members of the community and educational entities to initiate referrals for all young ladies directly affected by the Supreme Court decision. The collaborative merger would provide the opportunity to annually give back and respond to the health and wellness of our at-risk population, starting with Harris County’s most vulnerable zip codes. TWICE will serve as a liaison to be the vital link to any identified need the teen has to ensure physical and mental health is being placed in the forefront, all while providing education, case management, social emotional support, advocacy, and connection to medical assistance and treatment. TWICE plans to empower young women with family planning information by increased research and published data that will be collected and ultimately lead to hundreds of teens and children contacted and connected within the calendar year. 


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