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In a world of social media likes,swipes and hearts, it becomes imperative to radiate love and prioritize emotional and physical well-being. This transformative initiative will kick off in the month with the biggest heart, February. We passionately focus on guiding these incredible young mothers to wholeheartedly practice self-love, recognizing that living in the world of social media likes requires them to embrace their worth. By nurturing themselves first, they not only regenerate their spirits but also cultivate a profoundly positive environment for their children, infusing each moment with TWICE the LOVE. Through engaging workshops and unwavering support, we emphasize the paramount importance of self-care, encouraging teen moms to not just embrace, but to embody love in its fullest sense. In navigating the beautiful journey of motherhood, we strive to instill a love that doubles – for themselves, their children, and the world around them.

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