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Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Taking Wisdom into Critical Environments

There are a variety of demographics of teens who are susceptible to pregnancies and repeat pregnancies. We intercede with teens who are in situations that leave them vulnerable to teen pregnancies. Research shows that 1 in 5 births by teen mothers, ages 15-19, are repeat pregnancies. Focusing our attention and resources on these demographics provides the best opportunities for teen mothers and can aid in the prevention of them falling back into unhealthy cycles and lifestyles.

Ending the cycle of teen pregnancy requires tools that reintroduces the importance of smart decision making, being goal oriented, and abandoning the “survival” mindset that leads to further setbacks. Our mission for every young lady working our program is to thrive, not just survive. That is the power of what we call the MANSION MENTALITY.

We serve vulnerable groups that include girls who:

  • are 10-25 years old

  • were removed from families by Child and Protective Services

  • suffer from chronic trauma related to poverty and maladaptive coping skills

  • are experiencing a possible undiagnosed mental health crisis

  • are juvenile offenders

  • are domestic violence victims

  • are homeless

  • have been sex trafficked

  • are facing immigration and legal dispositions

  • iare n medical dispositions

  • are vulnerable due to pregnancy loss or other extensive trauma

  • have families and partners who are teen mothers

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