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Updated: Aug 7, 2022

The Way Into Changed Endings

Sometimes the biggest setbacks that occur in life come from ourselves. When young girls have been exposed to a lifestyle of poverty, limited resources, or any other life experiences that leaves them vulnerable, they often find themselves walking the path carved like those who came before them.

Our programs and services ensure that these young girls are exposed to a different way of life. A better and more productive way of life, one where they control the narrative and are free to let their imaginations run wild with endless opportunity. With the support of TWICE services, we work with each girl to identify their ideal life and create a blueprint to guide them step-by-step along the way.

The mind is a powerful tool, so changing mentalities changes lives. We invite girls to THINK TWICE about their goals, dreams and aspirations and strive for a life that is juxtaposed to their current circumstance.

TAKE TWO is committed to helping teens avoid a second, unplanned pregnancy. Through programs like PUSH, an interactive mommy-boot camp allows new teen moms to be the best mother they can, while encouraging excellence in motherhood and in their overall approach to life. Working through these programs provides consistency, support, and the resources they need to push them towards excellence in all they do so that they do not feel the need to resort to old habits that lead to complicated outcomes.

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