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Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Teaching What is Considered Essential

Unhealthy cycles are meant to be broken, but some people may not know how to identify, address and break patterns passed on from generation to generation. Our programs are built to intercede at every possible juncture. Unfortunately, many girls experience both emotional and physical needs that are left unmet, along with minimal knowledge about various resources that could help them along the way. With programs like Aubrey's Closet, girls are able to receive much needed diapers, clothes, toys, etc. without causing a financial hardship.

Becoming a mother does not signal the end of a story but a new chapter in what will be a very meaningful book. Motherhood should not be the death of hopes, dreams and aspirations; it should be the motivation that mothers need to become successful and thrive. They already have the vision, now all that is needed is the support. Programs like NEXT are designed to empower, educate, and guide young mothers in their educational and professional careers, so they can provide the best life possible for themselves and for their families.

One of the most important components of parenthood is: SELF CARE. Everyone knows the old adage, "You cannot pour from an empty cup". Affirmation and self care allows for the peace and wellness that creates a loving, soothing environment for the entire household. While that is far from the full list of services that TWICE provides, what we can ensure is that the physical, mental and spiritual support of mothers is just a small part of who we are as the TWICE tribe.

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